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Friday 22 September 2017

The Filigree Memory of Loam: Memorhyza, Humus & Pink Wood – The OSA! Outsider Scent Awards 2017

They bought me
Seven handfuls of soil in seven bags
And a blindfold. “Now braggart,
Prove your boast and
Show us which is the earth that bore you.”
And they paled when
I murmured “Scotland” and was

From Scottish Soil by Stuart McGregor

On the 25th April this I received an intriguing e-mail from one of my dearest perfume friends Ermano Picco, writer, fragrance specialist and creator of the influential blog La Gardenia nell’Occhiello, which translates as gardenia boutonnière. Ermano asked if I would consider being a judge for the 2017 OSA! Outsider Scent Awards, a competition he had established in Bologna in collaboration with the Smell Festival, an already well-known olfactive cultural event in the city.

Ermano is one of the few people in the perfume world whose opinion I genuinely value trust. Behind his expert dandyism is an astutely gathered aromatic intelligence, made all the more lovely for his modesty.

Ermano Picco 

In 2012 Andrea Rubini launched Fundamental, one of the most compelling perfumes in recent years.Strange and enigmatic, Fundamental used beeswax, the Soave grape, leather, iris, vetiver, Calabrian bergamot and tangerine to create a perfume of astonishing, dirty, time-worn beauty. It mixed vintage brothel vibes with modern day chilled down booze to illicit an amazing collision of emotions and effects.